Merry New Year to You, Here Come The Goals

It is tradition at this time of year to contemplate what we have done with ourselves over the past fifty-two weeks and then to reflect on how life should look at the end of the upcoming twelve months. I’ve decided to be traditional, here is the result:

2007 in Review

Really the only thing that has mattered in the preceding twelve months was the impending arrival and then debut of Miss OhWaily , everything else was pretty insignificant.

Goals for 2008

I have decided that things should be split into categories, it makes me think a bit more about my roles in life. It’s not my complete list, but it is the only one that I will be going public with. You really don’t need to know what “X” stands for in the PPTM section. 😯


– Introduction of solid food;
– Begin potty training;
– Have a happy, healthy and active daughter;
– Get more sleep.


– Blog consistently from now on;
– Follow through with twelve months of photography challenges;
– Finish Noah’s Ark;
– Finish Fantasy Triptych;
– Finish Angel Proclamation.

Personal Pleasures, Treasures and Measures

– Read 24 books or more; (Quite an ask with broken sleep, a chinese laundry to run and a newly renovated house to clean up and garden to create.)
– Lose that extra “X” kilograms of weight that my daughter brought with her as a gift for me, and left behind once she arrived;
– Spend some time on family history research and break through one brick wall;
– Perhaps attempt an overseas holiday with the family, baby temperament allowing;
– Try one new recipe a week.


– Create the new website;
– Update the content of the website;
– Improve the international marketing.

Now if I was being honest, the reality of my life means that many items on this list may be somewhat underdone this year, if done at all. It is a bit of a fantasy to see three large pieces of cross stitch finished in one year considering I haven’t managed to complete one in five years. Still, goals are meant to be about taking a positive approach to life. Don’t tell me about SMART goals, the A, R and T are all relative. 😉

How about you? Do you set goals each year? Do you split them into the different areas of your life, or lump them together? Do you over-extend yourself or under-challenge yourself?

Whatever your approach to this time of year, the Oh Waily family would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for a fantastic 2008. Carpe annum !

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