Renovation – VII

The work continued apace just prior to Christmas. The builder tried to put pressure on everyone to have the extension in a finished state for us. Unfortunately the electricians were a bit of a let-down, but other than that everyone else made fair effort to do so.
Here is where we left you last time with items crossed out as completed:

Tool button the kitchen and dining area tiling
Tool button the living room area carpeting
Tool button the carport (concreting & roofing)
Tool button the pergola
Tool button the final electrical bits and pieces
Tool button the final plumbing bits and pieces
Tool button the final bits of painting and finishing
Tool button the clean-up
Tool button the fixing of anything that isn’t up to scratch (don’t get me started on this one)

And here are a few other things that I forgot to add at the time:

Tool button the tiling of the patio;
Tool button the moving of the air conditioning unit;
Tool button the removal of the temporary kitchen;
Tool button the creation of the fourth bedroom out of the ex-temporary kitchen;
Tool button the re-instatement of our front fence;
Tool button and whatever else I have forgotten.

And the builder has sent his progress claim stating 96% complete. The guy is a comedian in another life, I’m sure of it.

Anyway, here are a few pictures to give an indication of the progress made.
Kitchen missing doors on the laundry section and the appliances. But with dogs. 🙂
Kitchen with tiled floor and dogs

Kitchen with appliances and basically lived in. Only the glass splash back and range hood to come, and any fix-ups we think they should do.
Kitchen from living area

Mr O installing cables for his music system under Miss O’s direction. Carpet laid and protected from last minute painting.
Installing speaker cables

Living area in its current incarnation. Decorating and fussing about with layout yet to be attempted.
Living area from kitchen

So, that is pretty much it as it goes for the interior. The patio is currently under tiling construction and should be finished in a couple of days. Mr O has been hard at work setting up a small (but long and very heavy) retaining wall in the back garden, so I will photograph that in the next few days too. At the moment the garden is more weed and soil oriented, but we will eventually get to having green stuff that doesn’t require pulling out by the end of summer, I am sure.

Until the next update, remember, don’t renovate if you want to stay sane !

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