Family Update and Blog recommendation

I’m sorry for being so quiet lately. It was my intention to be here at least a few times a week, but Real Life seems to be jealous and has been stamping her foot while demanding my attention in a very loud voice.

As you know I have Mr Oh at home, along with Miss Oh, and that has made the workload a little bit on the heavy side. Please don’t run your fingers along the tops of any surfaces before you leave, okay? I promise the dusting will be done some time. Maybe before my daughter enrolls in primary school. Maybe not.

Anyway, Mr Oh is progressing well. We are still very cautious about what he can and cannot do. One of the hardest cannots is picking up and carrying Miss Oh. 😦
Which means I get to do all of the fetching, carrying, settling, moving and general womanhandling that a baby requires. This leaves me a little bit tired at the end of most days. And in the middle of most days too, if truth were to be told.

While Real Life’s back is turned I manage to read a couple of blog entries every so often, so if I haven’t visited lately and left comments, it’s just that I am a slave to RL and her minions, Housework and Childcare.

One of the little gems that I have discovered in my sneaky visits to the internet is a wonderful blog that I added to my “try them out” RSS feeds a month or so ago. I must recommend it to anyone who loves food. I have been drooling over the pictures and recipes for some time now, and have several earmarked for trial here in the Oh Waily kitchen. If you have a moment, take a stroll over to Food Blogga’s blog and enjoy a wander through some stunning food.

Here’s a sample of what I mean:

Don’t drool on the keyboard, just add the RSS feed to your reader and enjoy.

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