A Family Milestone

Today at 7:35 am we had a family milestone.
Miss Oh Waily has now been out in the world with us for a whole six months.
That’s half a year.

Good God, where did the time go?

Ah, right. Changing nappies, feeding, walking around as a new parent sleep-deprived zombie, living with family, renovating our house and having your spine fiddled about with. That’s how you make six months disappear as though by magic. Feel free to take note in case you want to whiz through your life a bit faster.

Here is a photograph of the little Miss, taken this morning with her new best friend, Sneezy the Dragon.

6 months

P.S. Mr OWW is still disappointed that they wouldn’t upgrade the titanium screws used for his discectomy to adamantium. ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.P.S. Not sure what adamantium is? Here’s a description.

3 thoughts on “A Family Milestone

  1. MMmmm….
    Am I sad or cool for knowing what Adamantium is? Audience participation invited.
    More to the point did your doctor understand the question? That would be scarey (I know some doctors who would…)
    And yes I’m disappointed too.



  2. Charlotte,
    Thank you. We’re pretty enamoured with the little one.
    When she was very first able to sit on her own she made it quite clear that laying her down was not an option that her Mummy should consider. Thankfully that has passed and she is now tolerant of all world views again.

    I think this sort of geeky knowledge is borderline cool/sad, but since I knew what he meant I definitely give my support to the *cool* argument. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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