Goals Update: February

Where did February go?
I know that there are two days fewer, but that just doesn’t seem to be enough to explain the whistle-stop speed.

The list of accomplishments for February are suitably short in deference to the shortest month of the year. Here they are in all of their tiny glory.

Parenting Goals:

Get more sleep.

This one has been a bit of an up and down ride. During the day we are normally happy to sleep for two hours straight, but we are still refusing to sleep through the night. At least as of the last couple of weeks we have stopped waking up three times a night (midnight, 2:30-ish and 5:30-ish) and are back to two times (3:30-ish and 6:30-ish). But we have developed another little habit of going to bed after the evening bath and only sleeping an hour before deciding we would rather be awake thanks. Fortunately that has generally coincided with Mum’s falling in to bed time, so at least I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

Creativity Goals:

Blog consistently from now on.

Lets just agree to laugh at this one, okay?

Follow through with twelve months of photography challenges.

Sadly this one has been a fizzer in February. I will be posting some Black and White photographs shortly, but most if not all will be old images. Will try to do better in March. [Hangs head and shuffles feet.]

Personal Pleasures, Treasures and Measures Goals:

Read 24 books or more.

I keep starting them, but not finishing them. Maybe I should have set a goal to do with finishing more than one tenth of the books that I start !

Lose “X” kilograms.

This one has been marginally successful. I am almost a kilo lighter for my efforts, and as the previous post tells you – I have started running again, so this should finally be on track for 2008.

Spend some time on family history research and break through one brick wall.

I have done a bit of this, and some for my father-in-law too. No major brick walls kicked down, but some interesting information has been found. All up, a good month for this goal.

Work Goals:

Create the new website.

A good month for this too. I have at last started to focus on what I want the outcome to be, even though I have flip-flopped about how to achieve it. There is now a real possibility that I will use WordPress to generate a static site. This is still in investigation mode, but is looking very promising. More on this as it develops.

Update the content of the website.

This is underway with the start of a Mindmap, so we are on track here too.
If you happen to have an interest in marine or aviation safety, ie you are a yachtie, boatie, commercial shipping person or a helicopter pilot, then please wander through the existing site and see what we may have missed that you would like to know. Even if you have no marine or aviation interests but have a question or a suggestion then I’d still love to hear from you. You can send me an email with whatever query or suggestion you have.

Until next month…

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