Family Photograph Update and News

Just a quick update.

This morning while laying on her tummy on the floor our young Miss decided that she would get to her knees.
There’s nothing particularly unusual about this as she has been rocking back and forth on her knees for most of this past week and had worked out how to pull her knees under her while pushing up with her hands. I’ m guessing that all of this is balance training for the day she finally decides to crawl.
However, what was unusual was the fact that she kept pulling her knees up under her and pushing her hands backwards towards her knees. It took me a moment to figure out what she was doing, and then move the musical activity thingy out from behind her. Then as if by magic Miss OWW sat up.

All on her own. No assistance. Apparently intentionally.

Babies really are quite remarkable. Really.

Photograph updates of the young Miss can be found at Flickr under the Family and Pets Set (or on the front page of my stream).
Included in this upload are photographs of what a small baby can do in a bath when allowed seated play time. It’s a good thing she gets her bath in the kitchen sink, and that the floor and bench are mop-up-able. As for me, there was no “after” photograph, but if there was it would have shown a woman wearing a red top that had mysteriously become soaking wet from neck to waist. Still the Miss had fun, I got some good action photographs (courtesy of Mr OWW’s assistance with watching the Miss for me), including her very first attempt at the haka. 😉

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