My birthday present from Miss O

Housework Helper
The material things in life came in the form of the latest Ella Fitzgerald compilation CD and a birthday card with Miss O’s own inimitable scribbles.

The more important, and intangible, things in life came in the form of trying to stand up on her own for the very first time.

Mr O was the first to experience this as his daughter used him as a climbing frame only to let go once she had reached her full height. An exciting moment passed as father and daughter stared at each other, and then – plop – down she sat. Naturally this was accompanied by frantic calling out to Ms O, who was in another part of the room at the time. Unfortunately the moment passed swiftly and I did not see this first attempt.

But little Miss O is not one to do things once. The evening was littered with attempts to stand alone, using either parent as a climbing frame, or casually letting go of the ottoman with that lightly touching hand.

What a wonderful birthday gift that was. I really couldn’t think of anything better.

4 thoughts on “My birthday present from Miss O

  1. Yes she was very obliging with her timing.

    As for the photograph, I have been trying repeatedly to get one with her head inside the barrel of the machine. Being of short-ish stature, she finds it necessary to put her whole head and upper body into it in order to pluck items of clothing out of it.
    So far neither she nor the camera have obliged by being patient enough nor charged enough for me to capture the moment.
    I will persist however.


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