Food, Glorious Food

Recently I have been enjoying a website called TasteSpotting, and I thought it was about time that I shared it’s existence with you.

It is a site to which people sign up and then submit the next image. The next image is normally associated with a blog entry and recipe. I have found it to be a great way to find new food related blogs.
I know, I know, I’m such a glutton.

You can vote for each post by giving it a star and you can sort the recipes/entries by date or ratings. If you just want to browse you can use the site’s randomizer.

The only complaint that I have about the site is the sheer quantity of daily entries. You should carefully consider how you are going to enjoy the glorious array of food and recipes that come through it’s portals. I kid you not, I have received somewhere in the region of 1600 entries through my RSS reader since the beginning of April.

So why would I recommend it then?

Because we all eat with our eyes and there is certainly no lack of talent in the food photography department. For those who may have difficulty “seeing” the end result of recipes, this is a good visual helpmate.
And where else will you come across such diverse entries in one place:

  • Sushi Art – Entry #13682
  • Vitelotte Noir – Entry #8408
  • Easter Cheese – Entry #11095
  • Fanesca – Entry #10716

Go on, take a look. Honest, you can’t get fat just by looking.

Bon appétit

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