Updating the website: Part One

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Fine, so I have finally decided that it’s time to suck it up and get on with renovating our work website.

This has been sitting in my ‘parking lot’ of things to do for quite some time now and it has been gnawing away at my subconscious with its sharp little teeth until I could stand it no longer. The little taniwha has finally pushed itself forward and all those mini-attempts at doing this rather large project have been fully laughed at and consigned to the ‘information gathering’ folder.

Now it’s time to work on it like a big girl and stop hiding behind my bed, my baby, my housework, and my ‘any excuse will do, thanks’. So here is the first step.

This is a large project for me as I have to divide my time into fairly small slices. Roughly one to two hour slices at the most. This provides some challenges for me around “flow”. I will need to find some way of dealing with this as it isn’t likely to change significantly in the next few weeks or even months.

To help me with the organising and planning, I have enlisted my trusty Mindmap software from Mindjet. I am more than happy to pass along the responsibility for keeping my thoughts and ideas in some semblance of order. Here is what I have to start with. This contains my initial and brief musings on the subject of creating a new and improved website.

Clearly this requires more attention before moving into the details and tasks. A whole section for required skills is missing and irrespective of whether I intend to use WordPress or not, I will still need to learn the finer points of CSS design.

Some of the items are “might be, could be” in nature. Nothing is fixed, nothing is set in concrete. Oh dear. That could lead me to waffle about. I am getting a strong impression of needing to have stern words with myself and committing to a couple of major decisions.

Right then.
Please take this opportunity to praise or whinge about websites you love or loathe.
In the meantime I will shuffle away to my corner and make those ‘big picture’ decisions. I will report back once they are made and I am ready to start the nitty-gritty.

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I work for Mindjet, makers of MindManager, in Customer Advocacy and just wanted to say hello. I love the map you made for your website improvement and wish you the best of luck with your project. Should you be interested in MindManager training resources or access to our user group communities, let me know.


    Gaelen O’Connell
    Customer Advocacy Manager


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