Where has the mojo gone?

If you’ve been around this blog for a while you will have noticed a change in the writing topics and writing style. Gone are the wine reviews and the travelogues, replaced with things to do with babies.
However, it’s not the change of topic that I have found troubling, it is the change in the writing style that has accompanied it.

Lorelle’s post Have your favourite bloggers and blogs run out of steam? talks about this phenomenon.

So why are so many quality bloggers running out of steam and not contributing to their blogs? And are you at risk of joining their absentee club?

I see several reasons:

  • Life interferes with blogging.
  • Work interferes with blogging.
  • Other interests interferes with blogging.
  • Loss of enthusiasm.
  • Novelty has worn off.

Looking at this list is like looking in the mirror.
I have read through a number of earlier entries and have had to ask myself, “Where has the mojo gone?”

I feel that my writing has become wishy-washy and insipid. This isn’t to say that I thought a Pulitzer was on it’s way to me before, simply that by my own standards things have slipped away.

Does this mean that I need to take time off?
Maybe. But then, it’s not like I’m trying to post each and every day anyway.

Do I need to restock my cupboard of ideas and experiences?
Definitely. I’m finding that the stay-at-home Mum thing is not conducive to my ability to have an expansive range of experiences. Life has become routine to accommodate a growing and sleep-requiring baby.

What I think I need is a regular Artist’s Date. The issue with this at the moment is finding the time when Mr O can substitute for me over an hour or two.

I enjoy writing and hearing from you guys when you visit. So it’s not fair to let the blog dissolve into a mediocre listing of “what I did this month”, in order to have something, anything, for you to read. If I wanted that sort of blog, I could keep a private journal.

Anyone else had a crisis of writing out there? What did you do to solve it?

3 thoughts on “Where has the mojo gone?

  1. Sorry you feel your lost your mojo Mrs O. But don’t fall into the trap of feeling you have to write, and that when you do it must be “meaningful“—otherwise you’ll cease to enjoy writing. And you have no obligation on your own blog to do anything other than enjoy yourself!

    And for what it’s worth I’m personally very happy to read what tricks Miss O is learning, or what’s happening re learning WordPress, or what you’ve been stitching, or how your running is going (or not). It establishes a connection spanning 12,000 miles that I value and, importantly, is a breath of fresh air amongst all the nit-picking and agitation in the tech sites I mostly read (or produce, as the case may be!).

    Yes, you could keep a private journal cataloging the “ordinary” adventure that is life, but the “do follow” stream in my feed reader would be poorer for it if you did. What interests you (something you read on the web, for example) may interest your readers, but not be reflected in the comment count (it’s interesting that, BTW, how sometimes the stuff that really gets you going is apparently ignored, whereas the “shall I blog this or not” posts often get the attention!).

    Some bloggers do take holidays, and why not? Indeed, not thinking about something for a bit can put the “creative” back into creative writing. During the writing of my second book I had a stubborn “writer’s block”, which was cured by a stay at a villa in Tuscany… so maybe you can take yourself there, mentally.

    Don’t go for too long, however, as you’ll be missed.


  2. As usual, Bruce, you have words of wisdom and encouragement to share.

    I feel like I have fallen into the meaningful trap – that is, wanting to write smart and meaningful things while actually mostly blandly describing daily events. 😦

    As for things getting the stats – currently Wild Blackberry Cobbler is the hot item – go figure?!

    I am particularly taken with your Tuscan villa idea – but I’d much rather take myself there in person than in my mind. 😉

    Perhaps rather than reflection, I should have classed this post as a bit of a bleat. Still, I am nothing if not stubborn, so there will continue to be a slow stream of daily life events popping up as I feel the urge to write about them. I will just keep my fingers crossed that doing so will return my version of mojo.

    Oh, and by way of preview – there will be one almighty bleat post coming up in the next month or two…


  3. Wild Blackberry Cobbler is the hot item

    LOL. Must be all the bugs searching Google for a high-energy fix. With 14 tablespoons of sugar that must have been written by a NZer 😉


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