The Month of July in Books

Here were the five works for July.


Murder in the Dark

This is the most recent episode in the Phryne Fisher mystery series. Set at the “Last Best party of 1928”, it is a tale of kidnap and impending murder. Phryne is on form here, with a diverse range of characters – the Golden Twins and their acolytes; polo players from city and country; manor house staff; and her own usual retinue.
A good read. Interesting twists and turns to the plot. Keeps you guessing.

Love over Scotland

This is the third book in the 44 Scotland Street series. It once again follows the stories of Pat, Domenica, Matthew, Angus, Lou and Bertie.
This is a great easy reading series with characters that draw you into their lives. My only issue with the whole thing is my continuing wish to slap Bertie’s mother Irene. God forbid, there must be people out there like her, and their children must be cringing as they read Bertie’s story.

The following two books are a rediscovery of an author. Quite some time ago I read the first in the Katie Chandler series “Enchanted, Inc.” and I was interested to read more. Unfortunately at the time the library didn’t have any of the other books. I forgot about her until the other day when completely by accident I happened upon book 2 and 3.

Once Upon Stilettos

The original entry in the series, Enchanted, Inc., is described by Armchair Interviews as:

…”chick lit” at its finest. Bridget Jones, move over. Shanna Swendson is offering up fantasy for the Buffy, Sabrina and Bewitched crowd.

And that pretty much sums it up for the entire series. Magic. Cute wizards. Gargoyles. Fairies. Times Square. All in one package.

Damsel Under Stress

Katie Chandler is a small-town girl and magical immune living it up in New York City. She works for MSI, a magical spell-making and selling company tucked away in a corner of Manhattan and spends a great deal of her time and this series helping to thwart the attempts at selling bad magic by a rogue wizard and ex-MSI employee. At the same time we get to follow her romantic aspirations for fellow MSI employee and uber-wizard, Owen Palmer.
Yes, this is definitely chick lit for Buffy fans.


Reading Magic

Mem Fox is a children’s author of some note. This is her guide to reading aloud with and for your children.
If you already know or instinctively would or do read aloud to your kids, then this simply tells you why it’s such a great idea. Most of the ideas are supported anecdotally and I have to say that it didn’t really tell me anything particularly new. Still, it was a small book and a quick read.
I can’t say that I would recommend it particularly.


Next month may be a little sparser on the ground. I am attempting to take a few steps along my Booklitzer Book challenge by reading The Poisonwood Bible, Dune and Frankenstein. I will try to lighten this load with the works of P.G.Wodehouse, but even the great Jeeves and Wooster may not be able to pull me through this one.

See you next month.

One thought on “The Month of July in Books

  1. I got all excited and went looking for some of these books in the library, but sadly, apart from Alexander McCall Smith, they don’t seem to have made it over here yet.

    This is the problem with cross continental book idea pinching. Still, something to look forward to.


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