E-Publishing by O’Reilly

For those who have an interest in the web related (generally) books from O’Reilly Media, they’re moving a number of items – 30 to quote the title – to ebooks.

Personally the title of one caught my eye – Mind Performance Hacks.
I guess one can *hack* anything if one tries hard enough. Being old-fashioned, and not Web 2.0 compliant, I had always thought of these tricks and games as everyday *thinking* and using your brain. Then again I am of a generation that was taught long division; I don’t need or rely on a calculator/electronic till to tally up my purchases or my change and I love nothing more than to extend my ability to do crosswords (cryptic and normal). I have even given Sudoku a run too.

I also have to admit that Mr O considers me to be the Trivial Pursuit Queen.
(I take that to mean that I have more useless pieces of knowledge floating around in my brain than is strictly necessary.)

One thought on “E-Publishing by O’Reilly

  1. A mind hack conjures up all sorts of vivid imagery—especially when your German mother-in-law has just been to visit, and the conversation turned to hackfleisch (mince meat). Which naturally leads me to… “mind mince”. Yeah, I can relate to that one 😉

    But true, you can hack anything. I follow the feeds for Lifehacker (“tech, tips, and downloads for getting things done”) and Lifeclever (“helps you design, work, and live better”). Check ’em out, you hacker you.


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