Murderburger – Jobs Available

Okay, so this is doing the rounds via email but I still thought I would share.

Looks like I’m a safe bet for a job here if my life as a mother doesn’t pan out so well.
And as an employer, I too vote for avoiding Mr Stabby.


If you can’t quite read it – visit my Flickr stream and view the large version.

Oh, and I was driving along Ponsonby Road last weekend, and can testify that the Murder Burger signage is indeed on a shop.  The windows were blacked out, and there was a white piece of paper in the window.  If it’s a hoax or a joke, then they’ve gone to a lot of trouble and expense.

No doubt someone somewhere will be offended and report them to the Human Rights Tribunal for discrimination against P users and Pol Stud students.    😛
Considering our largest newspaper once told me that I couldn’t specify the length of work experience required (5 years) for the position I wanted to advertise with them, I’m always happy to see stuff like this.  It’s a nice big thumbing of the nose at the politically correct establishment (who largely don’t seem to live in the real world and deal with real problems people).


If I sound grumpy, it’s just because I’m overdue for a good bleat.  It’s been a little while, but there is a good one working itself up as we speak.  I’m hoping to have it, and my advice on how to avoid a similar situation, all written up and posted by the weekend.  In the meantime, please be patient with any sarcastic, cynical, jaded and slightly petulant comments that may attach themselves to innocent posts. 😉

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