The Month of October in Books

October was a completely lacklustre month in many, many ways and my reading reflects that.

I did try to make my way through two Pulitzer winners, but just had to give up.
by Toni Morrison was hard work mentally, not because of the writing style but the subject matter.  And that mindset of finding *hard* subjects difficult to read meant that in the end I managed a total of two books started and finished. Neither of which feature in any of my Booklitzer 200 challenge lists.


Enemies of the Empire
This is the second Libertus mystery that I have read, the other being Murder in the Forum which I reviewed here a couple of years ago.

These are nice, easy books to read.  They give an insight into what Roman Britain may have looked like under Roman rule.  In this instance the story is about social unrest and the harassing of Roman troops in the area around Venta and Isca.  Libertus stumbles into events and generally gets caught up in the goings on, dragging Marcus Septimus with him.  A good light read for those who like historical and mystery fiction.

This is the third book featuring the Walsh family.  This time it is Maggie, the good daughter.  I have previously read and reviewed Rachel’s Holiday here.

Maggie’s life comes apart when she finds her husband is having an affair and she is fired from her job.  To escape this she runs away to her friend in Los Angeles and finds her way into a new life and a new perspective.  An easy read, but I don’t feel it is in the same league as Rachel’s Holiday.  Still, this family makes you laugh and think about how you approach your own problems all in the one story.

As for November, it looks much more promising with three books read already.  No Pulitzers though – I’m not sure I’m quite out of the funk that is blocking me from gritty subject matter.  Have a great month of reading and I will see you back here in early December.

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