Miss Oh Waily Update

Miss O will be fifteen months old in five days time.
I have no idea where the last two years have gone.

Here in NZ we have a 15 month Plunket check-up and our appointment was for this morning, so I thought I would bring her stats to you.

Since her last weigh and measure in August with the Karitane nurse the little Miss has put on nearly 700 grams in weight and another 4 centimetres in height.  I wonder why she is now able to reach anything remotely near the edge of our kitchen table, then?
Madam is just a smidgen over 9.5kg and 77cm tall.  According to the growth chart in her Well Child book, that makes her half-way between the 25th and 50th percentile for weight, and just a dash under the 50th percentile for height.  This is tracking along nicely from her last weigh and measure.

The extra height is helping her in many ways.  The most recent explosion of activity centres around this extra reach.
Lots of it.  On anything and everything.
The ottoman.
The coffee table.
The woofer. (No, not the dogs – although given half the chance she might try.)
The plastic bins used to store craft supplies.

But we don’t stop with getting on these.  We use them to scale greater heights.  These stepping stones assist in reaching the playing field known as the big beds, or the sofa, or the chair that Mum and Dad are sitting in or the iPod dock next to the television.  Until you have seen a baby climbing and scrambling I really don’t think you truly understand the concept of fearlessness.

Along with this insane need to climb up and on, we are also exploring building with megablocks (large lego for those unfamiliar with these), indulging in mimicry (thanks for the monkey sounds, Nana!), and are exploring the potential for tantrums when things get a little frustrating.  Ah, the shape of things to come.

We are also able to use baby signs for food, dog and bird.  Everything else is currently pointed at (vaguely) and squeaked about loudly so we understand that it is important and we should pay attention.  Mum and Dad are becoming more clear and used more frequently to actually mean Ms and Mr Oh Waily as opposed to random sound of the moment.

We have gained more teeth and currently have seven visible, with one other obviously on the way.

Last month we decided that our lovely shapesorter was no longer a problem and seemingly instantaneously stopped using the trial and error method of finding the right hole in favour of putting the yellow circle in the yellow circle hole, etc.  This even extended to turning the sorter up the right way for the currently held shape without outside insistence or assistance.

According to our Plunket nurse the next year is going to be filled with change, especially in the language department.  I am looking forward to and dreading that all at once.  It will be wonderful to hear her exploring language, but both grandmothers have assured us that the Oh Waily parents were incesant talkers and questioners.  If genes will out, I have a suspicion it might be in the talking department.
On other verbal matters I was very interested to read about the order that children learn sounds recently, and may have a further look into that for interests sake.  In the meantime I am investigating the potential for the child of monolingual parents to have access to a bilingual environment.  This is proving to be harder than I thought.

And that pretty much sums things up for the moment.  No doubt I have missed things, but you get the general picture.  All happy and active in the Oh Waily household.  🙂

– – –

Later the same day…

An update.

While playing with the Miss early this afternoon I discovered two more teeth have been through for probably a week or two.  How did I miss them you ask?  They are the first two molars in her upper jaw, and although she smiles and laughs regularly, it is not always a flip-top head moment.  Just try looking into a toddler’s mouth when they don’t want you poking around in there!  Clamped and shut.

One thought on “Miss Oh Waily Update

  1. Ahh, OK, aged 15 months but 24 months if you include 9 months in-the-making. I’ve not come across anyone counting it that way before 😉

    All happy and active in the Oh Waily household

    [Raises glass] And long may it stay that way.


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