New look dashboard

I quite like it.

It will probably take me a while to get around to finding everything again, but the grey and blue look is my kind of colour scheme.  Probably a lot of “pink” and “neon” blog owners out there crying over their keyboards at the blandness though.

On other unresolved issues I’m still getting ‘interesting’ links in my “click” list, some of which are not particularly palatable.  Supposedly they are from my “related posts” section – which, as far as I know I turned off a week after they introduced it.  Still, if that’s the only glitch I have to suffer here at, then all is right in the world.
If those of you who visit see the “Possibly Related Posts” addenda at the end of any of my posts, could you please drop me an email or leave a comment.  Personally I have never seen any, but that’s what the WP support staff seem to think is generating my unsavoury outgoing links.  I’d like to know one way or another for myself if some folk are seeing things I’m not.  [That’s not to say my loyal readers are too fond of the drink, now.]

Oh, and for those who are not bloggers (or about to self-host WP 2.7), then this post has probably been a bit puzzling.  Don’t worry – it’s not you, it’s just me rambling on about the stuff behind the blog.   By way of making that up to you, I shall be posting my November books review shortly, so see you then.

3 thoughts on “New look dashboard

  1. How odd that your tags have gone.
    Not that I use them, but all nine of mine are sitting there staring at me from the tags page, probably wishing that I used them more frequently. Maybe that’s why they were spared – too few, and too infrequently used.


  2. I found them! And after a bit of practice, I can see how they work.
    There’ve been a few slight changes to the dashboard page over the last day or so. Perhaps they’re fine-tuning in response to comments?


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