The silence is broken

Where has the time gone?
Sorry to have deserted you all for the past couple of months.

I have two months of books to write about and I have also started the intermittent cross stitching once again so there will be pictures as well. But the main news to share, and one of the reasons for the prolonged absence, is that we will be having a Master Oh Waily joining the Oh Waily family later this year.

Anyone with more than one child in the family is welcome to send advice on coping with multiple menaces and sleep deprivation. 😯

Now that this mini announcement is done, I will work on contributing actual content to the blog.  So if you will excuse me I will move on to the book review posts.
[Shuffles off to open MindManager as an ever-increasingly needed memory aide.]

4 thoughts on “The silence is broken

  1. Oh wow! Congratulations!! When is Master Oh Waily due? How to cope? Just keep going lol, and if you want to go anywhere add an extra 10 – 30 minutes preparation time… even if its just to the supermarket, for sure someone will need a nappy change or sometihing lol


  2. Thanks everyone.
    I’m looking forward to the arrival with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation. 😉

    @Andie: The Young Master is expected at the end of August. And strangely enough I had thought that the most likely advice was to ‘just keep at it’. Zombie or not.


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