Miss Oh Waily Update

Just thought I would share a few new photographs.

As of tomorrow I will be 20 months old.
I have a vocabulary of about 40 baby signs, and a verbal vocabulary of nearly that in partial words.
For example:  “Pa” = “Patches” (toy bear); “Sha” = Santa (don’t ask why Mum hasn’t put away the Christmas santas yet); “Hah” = Ham, etc.
Now all I’m waiting for is the second syllable to arrive.  I think it must have missed it’s bus.

I like painting, and wiping my hands on Mummy when she’s not paying enough attention.  I like Hi-5, which is slightly worrying, but useful when Mum and Dad need peace to make dinner.  I like ham, cheese and crackers.  In fact Mum & Dad are beginning to wonder if they should invest in a cracker factory.  Sadly cracker rationing has been implemented in order that other yummy snacks like grapes and bananas can get a look in.
I’m pretty darn clever with my alphabet jigsaw and can happily place all of them in the right holes.  I understand that P is for Patches (see above), T is for Teddy, D is for Daddy, M is for Mummy, B is for Benny (smallest canine) and that each of them must wear their letter on their chests (or back, in Benny’s case) before it is put into the appropriate slot.

I did my first intentional forward roll a couple of days ago (on Mum & Dad’s bed) and I have nearly all of my teeth – only the bottom canines and all of the back molars to come.  I like going to daycare for a couple of hours twice a week, so much so that I barely take notice of when Mum leaves.

And that’s a short summary of where I’m at.  So here are some photographs for you.

SpeedFreakComputer Table Or Toy Cubby

Big Shoes To Fill

2 thoughts on “Miss Oh Waily Update

  1. If you like this one, I should try and get a photograph of her in my red high heels that she seems to favour whenever she raids my closet.
    Oddly, she seems to bring them out whenever she is wearing her red clothes. Perhaps genetic traits for the ability to successfully co-ordinate clothes skips a generation? 😉


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