Angel Proclamation

So I have been doing some cross-stitching in the last little while, just not a lot.

Angel Proclamation was brought out of retirement for a change of scenery, and then was promptly highlighted on by Miss Oh Waily.  This was successfully cleaned off, thank goodness, but it hasn’t returned to the scroll frame yet.  I’m in internal discussion with myself over what the next thing to do will be.  Should I return to Noah’s Ark, or Fantasy Tryptich or stick with Angel Proclamation.

Worse yet, should I start something else?!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Angel Proclamation - March 2009

Edit: Must remember to give things their correct titles.  I got stuck in Angel Procession mode when I should have been Proclaiming.  Not too great since they are by different artists !!  😦

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