Vocabulary According to Miss Oh Waily

As Miss OWW is coming up on two shortly, I thought I would bring you all up to date with how she’s progressing.

Verbally she hasn’t been the fastest on the uptake, not until this past month anyway.  Since then it has been almost exponential and the Oh Waily parents are now learning to adjust their choice of phrasing and expletive as there is a clear tendency to have identical mimicry thrown back a few seconds later.  Never before have I been heard to express “oh bother” or “oh jings” to such an extent.

Here’s a sampling of the new vocabulary, translations follow for those which may be vague:

Snit Crumb  (Schnitzel von Krumm)
Hairy Bone (Hairy McLary’s Bone)
Read book!
Herc (Hercules Morse)
Bit Lone (Bitzer Maloney)
Clay (Muffin McLay)
Sit Down!
Nigh nigh. See you morn.
Bye Bye.  See you late.
Ope door.  (This currently also applies to opening the tops of things – like the playdough.)
Big tuck.  (Big truck.  The adjective big is also currently going through a popularity renaissance and is applied to many things, including “big poop” at change time.)
Seeps.  (This means ‘I need to go to sleep’ or similar. )
Tige rar. (We are slightly fixated on tigers and their sounds at the moment – both real ones and Disney/AA Milne ones.)

We are also competent with our colours: red, bue, yell, oran, purp, pink, geen and why.
Now all we need is to have the search party find the missing letters and sounds, then we will be truly fluent.

On the numbers front we can manage the following with ease: one, two, fee.  Although this is currently being followed by six, eht on a more regular basis than I’d prefer.  However we do know that she can manage to make her way from one to ten when she feels the need.  And that she has been known to count down her father’s fingers in order of one to five.

Our biggest achievement of late has been getting her to add “Pees” to the end of her rather strenuously bossy demands that we “Sit Down” or “Read Book”.  To really give a truthful indication of her tone while issuing instructions I would have to pinch a literary gimmick from Terry Pratchett and write these as “SIT DOWN, pees” or “READ BOOK, pees”.

No doubt an outsider would look at us twice as we are having a conversation with Miss OWW.  But context and the joy of repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition….makes it possible for her inner circle to have a clue what she’s on about.   Now we just need the next step and have the words fill out to their whole sounds and syllables, and the rest of the world will find it possible to have a full and frank conversation too.

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