Master OhWaily joins the Family

Just a quick note that Master OhWaily joined our family on Tuesday 1st September, at 8:06 am.

It was a lovely spring morning, and he was greeted by the sunrise over Rangitoto.  Yes, we had a delivery room with a view.
We have been getting to know each other this week, and big sister has been happily giving out kisses and cuddles as she feels like it.

However, after having two and a bit weeks of home help in the form of my Mum, I am about to move on to the fraught* topic of juggling a hugely energetic toddler who requires much attention with the needs of a newborn and his, primarily, hunger.

* credit goes to “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie” and Rabbit for re-introducing the word fraught into my lexicon.

Matthew - 1 day old

9 thoughts on “Master OhWaily joins the Family

  1. Thanks everyone. We’re more than a little chuffed with the new arrival.
    He’s been great so far, especially over night so I’m hoping to remain slightly sane for a little while yet.


  2. OMG!!!!
    Shows you how long i havent read your blog…
    I had NO IDEA!
    Many congratulations you guys.
    All the bestest of superlatives.


  3. Hey Marc,
    You’ve been pretty busy yourself.
    Loved the photos of the big day. You all looked very very happy.
    When you get a minute, drop us an email about all your latest goings ons. 😉
    We’d love to hear from you.
    {{ hugs }}


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