Master Oh Waily Update

I haven’t quite managed to overtake myself, but as a treat for actually keeping on keeping on with laundry, daycare drop-offs and collections, jungle gym visits, gardening and general child and house-care, I am taking a bit of time out today to write this update.

At one day shy of 5 weeks old Master Oh Waily’s vital statistics were…

Weight: 5.12 kg
Head: 39.5 cm
Length: 57 cm

So my little love has grown 5.5 cm in length, his head has expanded 3 cm and he has added 1.22 kg to his little frame.  Of course, those stats are sooo last week and we are putting much effort into growing.  No doubt we have an extra centimetre in length and another 200 grams to add for this last week, but who’s counting.  Oh yeah, the Plunket nurse is.  Well, we’ll see if that prediction is accurate at next week’s clinic visit.

Just by way of comparison, I took a look at his sister’s statistics and found that at her 6 week mark she was just a little shy of him – 4.4kg, 38 cm head diameter and 54 cm long.  In fact it takes her until 11 weeks to hit or pass his 5 weeks statistics.  I guess that’s why he’s between the 85th and 97th percentile on the WHO growth charts and his sister is just hovering on the 50th.

Variety is the spice of life.   Anyway, that’s how he is stacking up in the growth department.

Just a note about my earlier comment about my blog entries becoming an even more endangered species due to my need to not ignore “stuff” anymore, I have to say that I may have been a bit premature on making that pronouncement.  Having squeezed in quite a bit of reading time over this past week, mostly Montessori related, I have become more enthusiastic and determined to eke out some blogging time.  Therefore I countermand my earlier suggestion that you will be seeing less of me.  In fact, you may actually see more of me than I have managed for the past year.  How ironic.

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