Master Oh Waily Grows

and grows and grows.

We went for our “6 week” check-up with the Plunket Nurse yesterday and got a bit of a surprise with Master Oh Waily’s latest vital statistics.

Did someone put something in his milk?

At two days over 7 weeks old Master Oh Waily’s vital statistics were…

Weight: 6.03 kg
Head: 41 cm
Length: 60 cm

You may be asking why a growing baby should be a surprise to his mother.  Well, cast your mind back to his measurements just two days shy of being 5 weeks old…

Weight: 5.12 kg
Head: 39.5 cm
Length: 57 cm

That means our little man has put on another 3 cm in length, 1.5 cm in head circumference and just a smidgen shy of 1 kilogram – all in 18 days !!   You know – less than a month – and only slightly more than two weeks !!

I guess this is the growth spurt that the baby books like to refer to.  It certainly is backed up by his eating and sleeping pattern over the past couple of weeks – why wait more than two hours to ask Mum for some more milk?  Eat some, lie and gaze at the world some, sleep an hour, eat some more and repeat.  Thankfully he was civilised enough to only do this during the daytime, and actually managed to sleep for two or three hours through the night before deciding to ask for something to fill his tummy again.

This all keeps his statistics at or above the 85th percentile.  If he keeps growing at this rate, he does stand a chance of making it as a loose forward for the All Blacks.  And if he does, then I’m guessing that his genetic make-up is coming from my father.  As anyone who knows Master Oh Waily’s parents in real life can tell you – neither of us is likely to fall into the 85th percentile of growth stats for either gender.

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