Verbal quirks

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it did.

My verbal quirks when speaking to my two month old baby are apparently very odd.
At least, they are odd when you hear them reflected back at you through the mouth of a two year old toddler talking to her teddy bear.

It seems that one of my baby settling verbal quirks is “Ah, my boy” repeated ad nauseum in an attempt to bore him into becoming quiet.  It’s certainly an eye-opener having a little mimic in the house.  Not only am I getting to see what I say, but also what I do.  And my list of areas requiring self-improvement has suddenly grown in leaps and bounds.

Not only do children spot a hypocrite a mile off, they apparently are relentless in showing us our follies in other areas too.  I’m sure I will have to save them all up and write a post entitled “The Things My Toddler Taught Me About Myself”.

If anyone with a toddler or older is willing to share, I would love to know what your little one has taught you about yourself, so please feel free to leave a comment.

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