Wishful thinking…

It’s fair to say that I could do with one.
Master Oh Waily has been an absolute gem in pretty much every way.  He’s got a great nature, like his big sister, and not much seems to phase him.  He is even courteous enough to sleep an hour at a time only during daytime hours, while through the night he has managed a minimum of 3 to 4 hours almost from the very first.  We are now lucky enough to enjoy anywhere up to seven hours of night time sleep.  This is great but still a little bit inconsistent.  And it still means waking up anywhere between 2am and 4am for an early morning food stop.

What all this sleep talk means is… I am over the lack of it.
With a toddler running rings around me during the day, an afternoon nanna nap is just not possible and if you know me, then you know I like my sleep – preferably nine hours a night if I can get it.
I am not getting anywhere near that, at least not in one long peaceful stretch.  So now I’m hanging out for a holiday.  Christmas will be the first stop on that journey, but since it is “the silly season” there is only a minimum chance of an actual extended rest.  Then there is the joy of being your own boss… sounds good until you’re the ones on call through Christmas and New Year.  “Silent Night“… maybe by Christmas, maybe not.  There will be no breath-holding by Ms Oh Waily on that score.

This all leads to the very nice conclusion that a holiday must and will be booked to take the misery out of next winter.  It has been done.  The Oh Wailys and grandparents (aka as babysitters) are booked for a holiday in June.  There are many reason why this is so.  Here are a few of them:

  1. Doesn’t interfere with enjoying (fingers crossed) a lovely summer at home while Master OWW is still small.
  2. Doesn’t interfere with our No.1 customer’s service schedule (don’t change it, please).
  3. Master Oh Waily will be a good age to deal with the travel and enjoy the destination.
  4. Master Oh Waily may be walking (if he follows in his sister’s footsteps) by then.
  5. June can be totally miserable here and no one needs to live with SADs.
  6. Fiji should be warm and inviting, but not frying and drying (hopefully).

So, here is my homage to our destination.  And a bit of a perk-me-up as I look forward to floating in the pool, eating out at nice restaurants, maybe even snorkeling again and possibly splashing out on a visit to either the Mandara Spa or the Heavenly Spa.
After all, “I’m worth it”.

Early Morning Emptiness
Where I plan to float
Before the Day Begins
Where I plan to lounge
Family visit to the Wedding Chapel
Visit where we were married

Although frankly, the white picket fence does nothing for me, and I am so glad that it was much more “rustic” when we had our wedding here. A nice Fijian garden with local plants and a beautiful woven archway. Much nicer than the frou-frou white fence !! See if you agree…

The Chapel
An Oh Waily Wedding Snapshot

Ahhhh, just looking at those photographs and thinking about Fiji is making me feel all relaxed and goofy already.  Swim-up bars (which I may even be able to visit by June), warm weather, warm swimming pool, nothing “to do” but lie around and read a good book or two, a bit of retail therapy at the Port and maybe even an iced coffee at one of the new eateries. Oh I am looking forward to it, I REALLY REALLY am.

Now all I need is for the Commodore and our government to calm down a bit and play like nice children in the Oceanic sandpit.  Not that Suva is on our travel itinerary, and Nadi is only if you can be bothered, want cheaper souvenirs or a visit to the local open air food market.  Personally, after this many visits, I’m going for the peace and quiet and pool and to do nothing.  Oh I can’t wait to be back riding on the Bula Bus.

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