Small things

Small things are making me very happy at the moment.

Courtesy of my ever vigilant parents I was able to find suitable box shaped shelving for Little Miss. It’s currently plain pine as you can see below, but we will make a decision on the final look over the next week. So far I have been tossing up varnish, oil or a neutral cream paint finish. I’m still not 100% sure which way we will go.

The Pine Shelves

The other issue is where it will eventually live.  Currently, for convenience, it is sitting at the other end of the same wall that Miss O’s activity corner is on in the living room but may be better placed in her bedroom.  The only problem is – which bedroom.  She is currently in the smallest room in the house,  and we are debating what to do when Master Oh Waily moves from his spot at the bottom of our bed.  Will he inherit Miss O’s room?  It is closer and smaller, and therefore more suited to a small baby who doesn’t require space for Froggy, Thai, Lumpy, Leo, Patches, Piglet, Brown or Sneezy and drawers containing big girl clothes.  (I would provide a photograph of “the boys” as they are collectively known, but unfortunately only Leo and Sneezy are currently not having a nap with “the girl”.)

Or will he move into the larger room, further away from our bedroom?  The preference is to move Miss O into the current “guest bedroom” / office and give Master O her bedroom.  The difficulty this presents is one of computer logistics.  The internet connection is in the “office”.  Even though we have a wireless setup and therefore can put the computer anywhere in the house, we still need a secure space for the modem/router thingumybob.  Offering up something with flickering lights and antennae to a two-and-a-bit year old is like waving a red rag in front of a bull, or thumbing your nose at Fate.  Neither of which will result in smiles and pats on the back for the brainiac who thought it would be a good idea.

What to do, what to do, what to do.  The first small thing makes me happy but gives me cause for thought.

The next small thing was actually things – a set of little boxes that I found today, which are reasonable quality at a reasonable price.  I know.  I had almost given up on that possibility.  I will give them internal cardboard bases just to give them a bit of protection from the undoubted hard life they will suffer at the hands of one rough and ready little girl.  Now all I need is a few more and we will be well supplied for any and all toy or activity storage requirements.

White Boxes
The White Boxes

A practical small thing came from a quick trip to Warehouse Stationery (thank you Clare for the pointer) when a beautiful pair of apple green toddler scissors joined our household.  I really like these, they are a vast improvement over our small round-end scissors that I have been using with her.  The primary improvement is the fact that she can put all of her fingers in the bottom handle instead of only two or three.  Other things I like are the fact that these came with a sheath made out of rubber (supposedly an eraser – but who would use it?), they are ambidextrous so her penchant for cutting left-handed will not be hampered, the handles are that rubberised plastic stuff so they should be fairly forgiving on her hands while she’s learning the opening motion and, of course, the bright green is aesthetically appealing.

The Green Scissors

Then there is the stash of small goodies that I purchased a few weekends ago, but didn’t have the camera available to show you.  Just to refresh your memory, I wrote about the shopping expedition a little while ago.  The items that came home then were all small things, and they certainly made me very happy.
Here, finally, is a photograph of that little haul.

The Shopping Stash

Are there any small things in your life making you happy just now?

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