My Montessori Inspirations

Since discovering the world of the blog, it is often my first point of searching for information.  This was no different when I wanted to learn more about Montessori, especially as it was applied at home.

What this led me to was a whole host of blogs, nearly all from North America.  My feed reader was full to overflowing for a while there as I assessed which were going to suit my reading, education and inspiration needs.

As of today, these are the blogs, in alphabetical order, that still make the cut:

These blogs each have a different character.  Some are regularly active while others haven’t posted anything new in some time.  I have enjoyed many posts from this selection, but I have to confess to turning to The Wonder Years and Montessori for Everyone on a regular basis for ideas, inspiration and resources.

For those interested in seeing a Mum attempting to integrate Montessori ideas from birth, then you should definitely visit Wide Open on the Mommybahn.  It’s not something I necessarily aspire to, but I had a darned good time reading about it.

So, if you are interested in learning more, then I think you would do well starting with this list and then expanding out from there.

And to the ladies of the blogs above, I’d like to say “Thank You” for sharing your experiences, your knowledge, and your resources with the rest of us.  I, for one, greatly appreciate it.

Happy reading everyone.

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