Oh Waily Activity: Size Matching

After our intermission due to  ill health, Ms Oh Waily has managed to snaffle an hour or so to herself.  That might just be enough to complete a blog post and catch up on some knitting*.

In the time away from the blog we have been doing more pouring activity.  Gran Oh Waily¹ kindly found a small metal milk jug just the right size for a small pair of hands and then together we found a rather gaudy, but good sized china jug to be the second jug.  We also found a backup in a plain white cream jug too.  I will take some photographs of the little Miss in action the next time we do this, as she is now on to pouring water.  This doubles as a lesson in how sponges work, but that’s fine, she learns to pour, clean up after herself and strengthens her hands at the same time.

What I do have photographs for is a size matching activity that comes from Montessori for Everyone. There are two versions, and of course it would be a straightforward matter to create your own at home.

Size Matching

Size Matching in Action
Size Matching - In Action
Size Matching
Size Matching - All Done All Finished

When I sat down with Miss O she managed to do the first board completely with no difficulty, while on the second board she had three cards out of place.
Sometimes it is difficult to know whether she is doing this deliberately to see if she will get a reaction.  She often eyes me up when she places things in the ‘wrong’ place and the glint is clearly there waiting to hear me say… “are you sure about that?”
Normally she will hold the item in the ‘wrong’ place, rather like kids do when they are moving chess pieces around the board but haven’t quite committed themselves to the move and want the opportunity to ‘take it back’, and give me her challenging look.  On the second board she just went ahead and placed them down saying ‘that goes there’ as she placed each card, until they were all down.  Part of me wonders whether she had lost interest, rather than didn’t understand the concept and the ‘right’ pattern.  I guess I’ll get to see the next time she takes it down to do.

Also enjoying a resurgence in popularity is the old faithful, Playdough.  We needed to renew her tubs recently due to a tendency to leave them in the air a little too long at each session, so I took the opportunity to buy the 1kg tub with four colours and a set of small cutters.  The toy store also had mini rolling pins so I added one of those too.  She’s been having great fun squishing the dough with it, and at some point she will be able to move on to real food instead of just pretend ‘pancakes’.

* Just like all my craft activities, they start with good intentions and then end up dragging on and on.  In this case it is a scarf for winter.  Shame it is now Spring-ing along and will soon be Summer. Oh well, it’ll be ready by next year, maybe, perhaps.

¹ This would be Ms Oh Waily’s mother, as opposed to Nana Oh Waily who would be Mr Oh Waily’s mother.

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