Oh Waily by Email

For those of my fellow bloggers here at WordPress, you probably don’t need to be told about the new email subscription widget that has been released.  You will probably have already decided whether or not to add it to your sidebars.

For those of you who are non-bloggers, or non-Wordpress bloggers, I have to say it is a really nifty addition.

I subscribed to Oh Waily so that I could see it in action, and immediately after publishing my post this morning I popped over to my email account. Before I could blink my eyes there was the newly minted post waiting for me. No delay. No need for a feed reader if you’re only reading one or two blogs regularly.  In fact, it couldn’t get much more passive than this.

If you are not a technology type person, or are unfamiliar with the world of RSS, then this is probably a good answer for you. You will get a fair approximation of the actual blog post (in html) via email.  You don’t get the full blog template, just the post contents.  But if you are not interested in the ephemera♥ that sometimes is a blog sidebar, then that should suit you very well.

You simply have to visit the blog website once, click on the Subscription button in the sidebar, enter the email address you want the blog posts delivered to and Bob’s your Auntie.

What are you waiting for?  Go on, click here and then click on the subscription button under the title “Oh Waily By Email”.

♥ the only problem with avoiding the ephemera is that you don’t really get to know the blogger and their tastes if you avoid the sidebars.  I for one have found more than one interesting blog after another by blogroll hopping.  If you have a rainy afternoon one weekend and can’t be bothered doing the housework, I would recommend that you try blog-hopping.  You may find a whole new, and interesting world, opening up to you.

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