Pet Peeve

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately* which is a good thing, most of the time.  It does tend to make for slightly fuzzy eyes and brain after working my way through techie posts, crafty posts and parental posts all in one sitting.

But it’s not the number of blog posts and associated fuzziness that is making me see red, pardon the pun.  Instead, inspired by Solnushka’s words and phrases to be banned come the revolution series, I would like to ban people from access to any form of written communication while they are still unable to identify the correct use of the words lose and loose.

This is my one major language based pet peeve.  I can scoff at those who misplace apostrophe’s and secretly smirk at their incompetent punctuation attempts.†  But when it comes to the lose/loose duo, I can’t quite raise my eyebrows and move on.  I wonder about the education systems that allow any number of graduates to wander about telling the world that they hope to “loose some weight” or that they chronically “loose their keys”.

Sadly it seems like an epidemic of “loosers” who can’t simply leave that extra O out.

If I were to be charitable about this whole issue I would have to feel that the writer in question just slipped that extra O in, just in case the first one felt lonely.  Still, a lonely O is no excuse for not knowing which word is which.  There are plenty of homonyms, heterographs and heteronyms in the English language, but correct me if I’m wrong – lose and loose are not truly any of them, so you should be able to tell them apart!

So, after reading an interminable number of loose uses of loose, I am certainly beginning to lose it. I am almost tempted to become the comments equivalent of a parking warden – visiting erroneous blog posts leaving “spare O parking tickets” in my commenting wake.

So, listen up people !  It is time to stop providing stray Os with a new, but totally inappropriate home.
Unsure whether you are feeling loose or are losing your way?  Don’t stray into the extra O-zone, find yourself a reliable dictionary and look up that spelling and make sure you really want to set the extra O loose before you lose your dignity in a flurry of vocabulary deficit disorder.

Here endeth the bleat

* That explains the lack of “real” books being read and therefore the lack of reviews to be found here at Oh Waily just in case you were wondering why no bookish posts have been sighted for some time.

† Yes, it was a deliberate misuse of the ‘.

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