Master Oh Waily Update

Just a real quickie today.  No one is leaving me in peace to organise the thousands tens of thoughts I’ve had for blog entries in the past few weeks.  Miss Oh has ESP with regards to me sneaking off to the computer while she is busy entertaining herself with playdough cookie cutters.  She either makes a beeline for her books, coming up with a random one and saying…

Mummy put pewter down.  G come up an read book.

Or, she makes a beeline for the chair, clambers all over me (with the laptop balanced on my knees) then sits astride the arm of the chair while chanting…

G see animals. G see Gran. G see Matthew. G see Daddy. [Repeat. And repeat again.]

Let that be a lesson to you – do not show your 2.4 year old that animal pictures can be drawn from the internet any time she likes.  Do not show her your family photo albums on iPhoto.  And do not show her the mpeg files of her swimming with her Gran in the pool in Fiji when she was a year old.

Or maybe the lesson is for me… no matter how much she looks like she is engrossed in an activity, the first sign of the computer being brought out is like a red rag to a bull.  If you’re going to wave it about, you’ve got to expect the bull to make a run for it.

Right, enough about bulls, Miss Oh and lessons.

I just wanted to drop in and say that Master Oh Waily…

  1. Had his jabs yesterday.  He survived them with a bit less waily waily this time.  We had a more efficient nurse, with the ethos of “stab ’em quick, stab ’em again, and whip ’em upright and chat away”.
    The poor little blighter didn’t stand a chance.  This nurse knew what she was on about. Bang, bang “and how are you little man… nice to meet you…  there, there, it’s all over.  Get a cuddle from Mummy.”  I think he was so surprised by the speed at which it all happened that he was stunned into silence and had to do a bit of brooding.  The brooding ended when he thought the experience through a bit and decided that although too young for a lollipop* he certainly deserved some sort of dinner and a show combo, and let out a wail which was only soothed by an after party drink.
  2. Did an extremely passable attempt at rolling himself over not half an hour ago.
    He got everything from his toes to his waist twisted over and in the right place, but couldn’t quite get his chest fully on the ground and wasn’t able to rotate his shoulders enough to swing that big old head upright.  It gave me such a surprise that I only have a bit of video of him lying in limbo after all the action had occurred.
    It looks like I’m going to have to have the camera out and poised from now on.  I really hadn’t expected anything as close as that for another two or three weeks of effort.   It looks like Boing Boing, Piggy and George are doing their job of ‘interesting-to-look-at bystanders’ very well.
    If I ever work out how to view the camera footage on the Mac, I will add a little video to this post showing the limbo boy to you.

* one day, Aunty Clare, one day.  ;o)

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