Miss Oh the Photographer

It is quite a scary thing when you find out that your 2.4 year old daughter can take photographs almost as well as you can.

In fact, she might even take better ones.

I am impressed with her skill to age ratio.  Just for the sheer fact that she can manage to precariously balance our hand-me-down Canon PowerShot G2.  Have you seen one of those?  They’re like the old brick mobile phones everyone with enough money or desire to be cool had in the 1980s.  Seriously.  The G2 is built like the proverbial brick out-house.

The other amazing thing about this, is the fact that the G2 can produce anything passing for in focus when a two year old keeps pressing and pressing and pressing the shutter button while swinging pointing the camera (it is heavy you know) in the vague direction of her intended target.

Every now and then serendipity occurs and Miss Oh manages to press hard enough, hold still enough, have pointed accurately enough, to get photographs like these…

How do you get the top off of this?
How do you get the top off of this?
Watching Daddy Work
Watching Daddy Work

I absolutely kid you not.  These are her own work, with those tiny hands on that huge camera.
The photographs above were taken with no adult interference.  I can’t wait to see what happens when she gets hold of her Gran’s camera at Christmas time – it’s a much more child friendly Olympus 725 µ.  At least with that she won’t be stretched to hold the camera and press the shutter.

Maybe then she will stop beheading her brother, and taking random pictures of her feet.

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