Oh Waily Activity: Pouring

This is just a quick post to finally show you the little milk jugs we found for Miss Oh to practice her pouring skills with.  The quality of the photograph leaves something to be desired.  Trust me, if your toddler likes doing something, no amount of saying “just a wait a second” is going to slow their progress.

As you can see, we ended up with one floral (ugh) ceramic jug and a small metal one.  I have a spare white china one in reserve for any accidents or for adding variety.  Each jug has a slightly different pouring spout so they each present their own challenges to keeping the contents roughly going from one to the other and not all over the tray, table and floor.

Pouring Beans
The Pouring Jugs

As you can see, on this day we used dried beans for pouring practice and had our little brush and pan on standby.  Miss Oh gets slightly annoyed when she is given beans.  The very first time I did this, I only had rice in the house and she just loved the texture of it.  She always asks to “play the rice game” whenever I suggest getting the pouring jugs out.  But that very first day, and ever since, we get a bit of a rice covering for the carpet.  This isn’t because Miss Oh has difficulty pouring from one jug to another – certainly not.
It is because Miss Oh loves to run her fingers through the rice and lift it from jug to jug instead of pouring it.

This, of course, is not the purpose of the pouring jugs.  Hand transfer is not the intended skill to be learned.  So I have added a spooning activity between some brightly coloured bowls that my Mum found us for her activities.  That satisfies her need to run her fingers through the rice.  What I really need to organise in the New Year is a sensory box with different textural experiences, including the rice.

If anyone has suggestions for different textures that would be suitable for toddlers to run their fingers through, I’m all ears.

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