Blog Update

I have finally updated the blog roll in my sidebar with those Montessori blogs that I am currently subscribed to.  You can take that as an indicator that I enjoy reading or gathering inspiration from these sources.

There is a variety of content between the different blogs so if you are interested in things Montessori – in practice or in theory – then you may want to commit to reading through the back catalogue of posts for each blog that interests you.  I find that gives me the best feeling for a blogger and what they have to say to me.  If I can’t make it through a couple of months, then I’m pretty sure that I’ll not want it in my feed reader.

Also to come will be a list of places to buy, should you wish to, or get inspiration for making / substituting actual Montessori equipment.  Trust me, this will provide a very big source of inspiration for what can be done at home.  I will get to that as soon as I can.

I have a few other teaching oriented, but non-Montessori, blogs to share with you too.  I haven’t quite gathered enough of them to justify a separate header so I’ll keep them on ice (pardon the pun Northerners) until there is a good list for you to browse.

Happy Reading.

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