Rolling, rolling, rolling

Keep that baby rollin’.

That’s the story for today.

Master Oh Waily has succeeded with rolling over.
This afternoon while enjoying my encouragement the little Master finally decided to expend that little bit of extra energy, use his face as a bit of a lever briefly and roll from his back to his tummy.
I’m sure this was a result of a morning of watching his sister, the whirling dervish.  He almost certainly was left with a kink in his neck so he decided that being on his tummy was much more of a comfortable necessity.

At age 19 weeks and 3 days old, or 4 months and two weeks old he has managed to repeat the skill three or four times today before retiring.

Hooray for Master Oh.   There’s no looking back now.

– – –

Apologies to the lyricist for Rawhide.

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