A week of milestones

Yesterday I wrote of Master Oh Waily hitting one of the baby milestones – rolling from his back on to his tummy.

Today I write to tell you that Miss Oh Waily has decided that she is now big enough to stay awake all day.

This, of course, is taking it’s toll somewhat on Ms Oh Waily.
Both of the Oh Waily children have had unhelpful changes in their sleep patterns over the past month. Little Miss struggles to go to sleep and has done so to varying degrees since moving into her big girl bed.  Master O has just recently reverted to waking twice a night and we presumed this was due to a growth spurt, but now he doesn’t seem to want to give it up.
(Sit calmly in a corner and repeat after me… “it’s only a phase, it’s only a phase…”)

Anyway, back to the star of the show.
For the past few days the little Miss has doggedly denied her need for rest during the day, fearing that by rest I actually meant sleep.  Eventually she did allow me to encourage her to “rest” for a while in bed, whether she slept or not was fine.  This did lead to a 30 minute snooze yesterday – but then she (and I) really did need her to take that time out.
I’m sure it won’t be long before she is handling this change in sleep pattern really well.  Every day she seems to have managed a little better than the one before.

Unfortunately it still seems to be playing a bit of havoc with her nighttime sleeping and her going to bed routine.  All I can say is “daylight savings sucks” when you are trying to convince a tired toddler that it is indeed late enough for her to be going to bed.  No, the fact that it is still bright light outside doesn’t mean it is “too early my go bed yet”.  After all, your sleep-deprived mother is just about to fall into hers as soon as you “nuggle up” with as many toys as you can cram into your bed and still manage to breathe.

But I digress.

Yes, both the Oh Waily littlies are growing up.  Part of me is happy for their achievements and part of me thinks – where the heck did the time go?

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