Montessori Resources

As promised earlier I have updated my sidebar to include the various resources for Montessori equipment and information that I have in my bookmarks.

Please note that I have NO experience buying from ANY of the stores listed.  So far I have simply used them for inspiration, information and creating a wish list for myself.

For those of us in a small marketplace at the end of the planet, you might be interested in investigating the option of buying from a supplier in a much larger market.  The shipping costs may be offset by the price difference and possible exchange rate advantages should you pay attention to those sorts of things.

Also note that a lot of the practical life items can be made at home, or you can use whatever you have to hand to replicate the items for sale.  I purchased the little brush and pan seen in this photo from the cheap and cheerful Japanese shop on Queen Street¹, next door to Borders.  They would be a good source of cheapish but nice small dishes for the many sorting activities that you could consider doing.

In addition to the shops I have included sites run by some very generous and sharing individuals.  You will gain quite a bit of knowledge and understanding if you take a good look through those, and you may be inclined to try out some of the freebies found on the commercial sites too.

Happy browsing.

¹ For the locals.

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