Christmas Gifts

Miss OWW was a very lucky little girl this past Christmas.  And we were very lucky in the number of successful gifts that were just right and that have proved to be great additions to our toybox.

The first is her set of small plastic golf clubs.  She loves to get outside and hit balls with them.  The only downside is the fact that she insists on having playing companions.  After all, what’s hitting the ball if there’s no one to hit it to.  They are out and in use every day it isn’t raining.

The second success was the vertical airplane jigsaw-thingy.  It’s not been difficult at all for her to d0, but she loves to play with the little men it comes with.  They are now officially “Man” and “Person”.  Don’t ask me why she decided to call them that, I don’t know.

The third success are her Schleich animals.  The Oh Waily grandparents furnished nearly a full zoo and a full farmyard, which are played with every single day.  We have our favourite animals as you would expect, but new friends are being made as we go along.  They often help with tasks and are very clean due to their insistence on having a bath or shower with Miss OWW.

And the other big star is “Room on the Broom”.  We particularly like the “whoosh! they were gone”, the “WITCH AND CHIPS for my tea!” and “Buzz off! THAT’S MY WITCH!”.  It never fails to amaze me how much of the books are memorized.  Even though I read it over and over and over, she still remembers it much better than I do.  Such a little sponge.

We also have other successes – her little shop checkout & till is played with daily too as are the contents of the shop (plastic fruit, veges, bottles & boxes).  The bead set was a partial success – the laces that it comes with are too flexible for her to control, so it became frustrating.  However, the beads work really well with the chenille sticks we had from our earlier beading activity.  So the beads have been made into all sorts of interesting things.

In addition to all of these, the little Miss was also lucky enough to have some other lovely gifts to grow into so it is definitely time to work the toy rotation magic.

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