Master Oh Waily at 5 months

Master Oh Waily had his five month Plunket visit today.

Not only does the young Master have a nice, consistent nature, he also has a nice, consistent growth pattern.  We are still tracking on the WHO charts at the 85th percentile.

The stats are:

Weight:-  8.53 kg
Length:-  68 cm

What’s been happening in the past couple of month?

He has had a bad patch with regards to his sleeping pattern – back to twice a night, just after midnight and again some time between 2 and 4 am, before waking at around 6 to 7 am.  That’s been a bit difficult, but we seem to be settling back into a more familiar once a night waking.

As reported earlier, he reached the rolling over milestone.
He has been an avid exerciser ever since discovering the joys of deliberately choosing to roll on to his tummy.  Once he rolled over it was a matter of a week before he was doing his calisthenic exercises of push ups and horizontal star jumps.  It seems that after a bit of this, we are now working on the skill I like to call the “Lazy Susan”.  This is where I place him on the floor, he rolls over and faces one direction.  I go away to tend to Miss Oh Waily, or the laundry, and return a few minutes later to find him still on his tummy, but how at 90° or 180° to the original starting position.  No, he does not roll over and roll back – he swivels on his tummy by alternating a push up and a star jump cum leg push.  Unfortunately for him, this seems to only work in the circular lazy susan motion, and he gets extremely fed up when trying to use it to move directly forward without success.
I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be long before he’s working up that crawling style.

In the past week Master Oh has begun to gnaw on his fist, despite being offered alternatives, and the Plunket Nurse said she thought his gums looked a bit swollen.  This is not such good new for Ms Oh Waily who has been getting munched more frequently in the last few weeks.  I could live with that, almost, if it wasn’t accompanied by a big impish grin and occasionally a sly little chuckle about how clever he is being.  It’s a good thing I love him as much as I do or it’d be a diet of rice gruel and more rice gruel.

Things to look forward to before his next Plunket visit at 9 months :-
Miss Oh Waily was sitting up unaided by 6 months, crawling by just before 7 months, cruising by about 8 months and walking at 9 months.  And her first teeth arrived around the 7 month mark.
So, Master Oh Waily has a busy schedule of activity before his next visit – even if he achieves only some of these milestones.

Did I mention that he’s a little gem of a baby?  Nope?  Well he is.  He’s my most favourite boy in the whole world.  😀

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