Oh Waily Art

Yesterday we did some art in the Oh Waily household.  This tends to involve paper, crayons and lots of scribbled circles at the moment.  While Miss Oh was doing this, I got out her shape puzzle and traced around the shapes – similar to one of the uses of the Montessori metal insets – and made a house using the square and triangle, a sun with the circle and a random “pool” with the ellipse.  Miss Oh watched while I did this and then oversaw the appropriate colouring in of each shape.  As I was doing this she started asking me to draw various animals, including a zebra.  This jogged my memory and away I went, computer in hand to our printer.  I had come across a download from Kids Craft Weekly from 2007 that involved the outline of a zebra and, knowing my drawing skills, decided that it would be a good idea to save this for future use.  The future arrived yesterday.  Printed out on the “B” side of some paper, Miss Oh got to colour in the zebras as she saw fit.  It’s her first attempt at “colouring within boundaries”.  Obviously I didn’t expect her to be able to do so, and it didn’t stop her enjoying the process.  She even managed to put in a nice green eye for him.  If you want the zebra outline you can find it here at the Stripes issue of Kids Craft Weekly.  Scroll down for the file and ideas of how to use it.

Zebra colouring

Miss Oh was also doing some more water pouring yesterday, and to make it obvious I had put some food colouring into the water.  Having been shopping with me she knew that I had just purchased other colours and she asked me to add them to her water – on top of the existing colour.  This made for some interesting and slightly ugly results, so I just couldn’t resist doing the colour mixing activity.

Here’s the end result.
Colour Mixing
The method is extremely simple.  I mixed up red, blue and yellow food coloring in water, filled up the appropriate tray and got out the dropper.  I had the colour wheel out for her to reference and then I asked her which of the missing colours she wanted to make.  Miss Oh chose the purple, and so we went through the process of dropping blue and red water into the empty space and stirring them together.  Repeat and rinse with the orange and the green.
She managed to understand that red and yellow made the orange and so forth, so that’s a really good start.  I will repeat it at some time in the future because I’m sure it will not have stuck.

I can highly recommend using food colouring in place of watercolour mixes.  It was very, very easy and very very vibrant.  Clean up was a breeze too.

Now back to working on black, brown and grey.

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