Out of the Mouths of Babes

Every now and then I have to smile.  My little Miss Oh comes away with some crackers.

Here are some of the latest trends in Miss Oh’s language development and use:

“Hey! I was playing with that.”  [Even though said item was discarded an hour ago.]
“Hey! That’s my’s!” [Just in case Mum was in any doubt over ownership – even of her own stuff.]

You must imagine the sort of facial expression that goes with a vaguely drawn out “Hey!!”  It falls in the middle of being slightly aggrieved, slightly grumpy and slightly pouty.  And never fails to make her mother laugh at Miss Oh and her expression.

Overheard last week:

Miss Oh, speaking to her toy rhinoceros whilst playing, “You’re too little to sit in the front seat.”

This evening, updating a classic with her Gran:

Gran, wiggling Miss Oh’s big toe: “This little piggy goes to…?”
Miss Oh, in response: “Supermarket!”
Gran, and Mum, crack up laughing.  Remainder of responses go according to classic formula.

To be continued…

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