Musical Interlude

I am still working on Miss Oh’s introduction to music through a selection of instruments.  Deciding which instruments to start with was fairly straightforward in the end.  I chose one from each section of the Orchestra, and using the Montessori idea of introducing those with the greatest difference first I am now thinking about which instruments offer the greatest sound and visual differences.

Next came the identifying of good, clear images of the instruments and making Instrument Cards with their names.  I will eventually add a link to the pdf files I create into my sidebar for anyone who might want to replicate this process with their little ones.

I am hoping to fill most of my initial introduction music from what we already have in our collection, but I know that I will have to look further afield for some music.  Here is what I have managed to get together so far.


  • Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons, “Spring” – Allegro
  • Toss the Feathers – The Corrs
  • Gollum’s Song (at least part of it at the start)


  • Carnival of the Animals: XI. Piano Players
  • ‘Round Midnight – Thelonious Monk
  • How Long, How Long Blues – Count Basie


  • Creole Jazz –  Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band
  • It Had To Be You – Acker Bilk

Help to find good alternatives for Clarinet would be appreciated – something classical would be good to balance out the Jazz & Blues.  I’m not really up on pieces for clarinet, and the tiny snippets I can listen to on the iTunes store just doesn’t give enough of a clue to the whole track. I will be going down the Rhapsody in Blue / American in Paris road as well – but it’s not all that easy choosing a version so I’m still working on it. I also noted that there are several versions with trumpet as an alternative too.

Oh, and by way of noticing in passing…

iTunes shows its great understanding of music and a lack of proof-reading that the section I ended up in was: iTunes > Music > Classical > George Garshwin [their spelling mistake – not mine].

Snare Drum:

Nada, zilch, zero.  Must go shopping online or see if the folks have useful drum music in their collection.


  • How Long, How Long Blues – Count Basie

I should be able to find some more useful pieces amongst the blues and jazz section of our music collection, but this is what I was able to find with a quick look. I am also tempted by Handel’s Messiah: The Trumpet Shall Sound or Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary for a classical take, but I will have to iTunes those.  I know there is some Louis Armstrong floating around on CD, and then maybe I’ll iTunes some Dizzie Gillespie too.  Oh, the choices, the choices.


No voice only recordings so far found.  iTunes has a scat version of Lady Be Good by Ella Fitzgerald which will probably end up being one of my choices. Operatic (liveable, please – probably something in the tenor or baritone area) suggestions will be gratefully accepted, then I can go on a shopping trip for this also or maybe raid my mother’s collection – she’s bound to have something by Pavarotti.

So, that is what we have to start off with.  I’m thinking that our starting pair will be violin and trumpet, so I need to flesh out my trumpet section before beginning.

Opinions anyone?  Have I made a glaring omission in my choices?
I do feel very light on “modern” music, but to be honest I haven’t really noticed these sorts of instruments having their moment in the sun with modern stuff.  That’s probably down to my observation rather than the reality of modern music, of course.

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