The Enormous Turmip Game

There are direct consequences of reading to your children.

The most positive of these is to inspire a love of books, reading and learning.  I’m all about that.
One of the side effects is also the expansion of their imagination. I’m all for that too.

Except when I am transformed into The Enormous Turmip.

If you visit the blog, rather than read at Facebook or in a feed reader, you will have noticed a little section in my sidebar called “What We Are Reading”.  In it you will have noticed that Miss Oh has been getting a rather large dose of traditional tales, retold in “Early Reading” book form.  One of these is “The Enormous Turnip” or turmip as Little Miss has rather sweetly mangled it.

For those of you as old as I, try and stretch your memories back to your youth and picture the story unfolding.  A giant, sorry, enormous turnip is required to be pulled from the ground.  Farmer, farmer’s wife, farmer’s son and sundry animals are all roped in to achieve this (in the retelling we have).  What ensues is a gratuitous amount of tugging, pulling, falling over and starting again.

Miss Oh was inspired yesterday to invent a game involving Ms Oh becoming the turmip while she played all of the supporting roles.  So, I – the turmip – had to go about being difficult to pull out of the ground while Miss Oh did the dutiful tugging and pulling in order to get me “out of the ground”.

In practice what this meant was a lot of playing on Mum & Dad’s bed involving the two protagonists, a dressing gown and lots of heaving back and forward always ending with a falling over.  All accompanied by exhortations and general merriment.  I confess to having been alternatively a difficult turmip and and easy turmip.  Eventually the turmip had no grip whatsoever on the soil and was quite exhausted by the effervescent energy of her Farmer/Farmer’s wife/Farmer’s son/Various animals child.

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