Upcoming Recommendation Alert

As part of my Happiness Project, and as a result of reading Positivity, I had a lightbulb moment a few days ago.

I was sitting thinking about life, and remembering that I needed to make an appointment, when a small shiny penny dropped in my brain.  I made a connection between what I had been reading – specifically inducing more goodness into my daily life by doing something nice for others – and the appointment I was needing to make.

The appointment was for a massage.  Now don’t go all “ooo, you lucky thing” on me.  The sort of massage I’m getting has very little to do with relaxation and a lot more to do with remedial work on some very, very long term dodgy bits.  It’s a long story, so I won’t bore you other than to give you one mental picture of my visits.

Ever see those old Tex Avery cartoons?  The ones where the wolf’s eyes pop out of his head and his tongue rolls out of his mouth, over the table and down on to the floor?  Yeah, well my experience is like the cartoon cat version of that…  only the cat’s eyes pop out its head, it does a flying backflip and ends up hanging on to the ceiling upside down trying to get away.

Anyway, back to the point.  I had been talking with my masseuse, as you do to pass the time in between making a range of agonized squeaking, squawking and squealing noises, and we were discussing running your own business and all that goes into building up a client base.  She mentioned that she was wanting to grow her business, but wasn’t always the best at using networking and referrals.   I thought nothing of it at the time.  Then after reading Positivity, and thinking how hard it is to get good service providers of any sort for any thing, (don’t get me started about hairdressers !!), it occurred to me that I could do everyone a favour and occasionally give a plug to those folks who do a great job for me.

This meets my goal of feeling good by doing good – for anyone looking for a service but struggling to find a “good one”, and also of rewarding good service with a recommendation.  I don’t plan to do this all that frequently, since I’m sorry to say that I don’t always have someone I’d like to rave about.  However, my masseuse is one and I will shortly do a mini-infomercial here for her.  For those of you not in Auckland, feel free to skip my Recommendations posts.  I’ll try to think of a catchy, but obvious post title so you know what’s coming.

I also have one other person in mind but need to speak with them first, so please don’t worry that my blog is going to degenerate into a walking infomercial for all and sundry.

So that’s a bit of advanced warning of what will be an every now and then posting here at Oh Waily.

In the meantime, I can give you a Montessori based online recommendation for those who may be interested.   I had been taking notes on all the different exercises in the practical life area but basically became overwhelmed with information and got stuck in the headlights.  This translated to stopping to innovate and provide new activities.
So when I stumbled across The Home Teacher’s blog I thought all my Christmases had come at once.  I arrived via this post about practical life and absolutely loved the pdf download.  It has captured quickly and succinctly what the early Montessori learning areas are.  I don’t need to trawl through my notes to see what I should do next, I can just refer to the pdf file and get my next inspiration.  On top of that, it also acts as a reminder of what we have covered and what skills my little Miss has acquired.
As well as this, I am now a fan of David Gettman’s Basic Montessori: Learning Activities for Under-fivesand have added it to my Wishpot list.  I’ll probably Book Depository it a bit later.
As for The Home Teacher’s blog, I am just getting to know it, but wanted to share a great resource for those who may be a bit unsure of what’s involved in starting with young children.

Okay, so that’s it on the recommendation front for now.  If I don’t write again before Easter, I hope that you all have a nice, safe and fun weekend – and don’t forget, it’s the end of daylight savings so turn your clocks back.

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