Recommendation: Healing Hands Massage

You may remember that a little while ago I said that I was going to do a recommendation post?  Well, this is it.

Fresh on the heels of this morning’s visit with Mandy I feel compelled to sit here and rave to you about her.  But first, let me regale you with today’s adventure in self-inflicted torture.

For the past couple of weeks I have been having a great deal of discomfort in the arches of my feet and up the front of my left leg after sitting still for a while (or on waking). This does not seem to want to leave me alone of it’s own volition so….

We moved on to this part of my body this morning, extracting the regulation whopping amounts of pain.  I don’t think we are really finished with the other bits of my body yet, it is simply that my feet and legs have yelled louder and have become more demanding.
What is accurate to say is that I really had no idea how much pain and discomfort you can generate from massaging your feet and calves. This from a person who has been to Thailand and has been on the receiving end of one of their foot and leg massages.  Who needs knuckles there when you can inflict maximum damage with a pointy wooden stick.  No amount of foot washing and hot wraps make up for that, I can tell you.

After thinking that I had a firm grip on my wuss-factor I was once again humbled into submission.  The wuss returned with bells on. It’s a sad day when you think your masseuse is using her knuckles on you, but isn’t.  I’m sure there were pointy elbows involved in the process somewhere, honestly.  And now I feel like I am in a science experiment – is it possible to bruise the arches of your feet?  I await the answer over the next day or so.  I also have a nagging suspicion that I won’t be wearing shorts or a skirt for a while for fear of having every social service agency wanting to know if I require their assistance.

Did I mention that I bruise easily?  As in, bump me with a feather and a couple of days later you will see it clearly laid out on my skin in beautiful shades of yellow, green and purple.

Now before you get completely put off I need to make things clear.  You DO NOT have to subject yourself to a corrective massage, you can go and have a wonderful relaxing experience.  I know it is possible.  I have done it.  But if you have niggles or aches and pains that you would like to attend to before you turn into a pale shadow of me, then this is your lady to go to.

Mandy is the masseuse that I see at Healing Hands and I think she’s fabulous.  It is great to see someone who obviously loves what they do, does it well and does it with good humour and engagement with the client.
Personally I’m fed up with trite service, false smiles and people who think I am the least bit interested in the latest soap opera happenings on TV or in the lives of “celebrities” as a topic of conversation.
I don’t have to suffer through an hour of that at all – and it is GREAT !
You may find it surprising, but interesting conversation can actually be a good distraction from the unfortunate body fixing that needs to go on.  Clearly, if you are going for relaxation, you can choose not to have a conversation – whatever suits you.

The clinic is in Milford, so I am devoting a 30 minute drive each way for this, that is another hint that I’m very happy.  It is a purpose built facility with two rooms and it is very peaceful to enter (even when I know I’m not going to be relaxing for too long).

Mandy also works with a couple of well known local sports teams, so you know she is going to be good with athletes.  Yes, if you live in Auckland (or NZ/Australia for that matter) you will know at least one of these teams.  So, for the boys out there – you will need to get control of your inner-wuss.

So, in short Mandy is…

  • fabulous.
  • interactive. (Talks to you like you have a brain !)
  • like a good personal trainer, she can judge how far to push you over your pain threshold before adjusting back as needed.
  • funny.
  • good at getting results.
  • generally a pleasure to see and “work” with.  I actually look forward to my appointments.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member you can buy gift vouchers.  I did that recently – a very quick and easy process.  Or if you want a nice treat for yourself (or a fixer-upper) then I can’t recommend her enough.

Here are the nitty-gritty details you will need:

What they do: Sports, remedial, relaxation, ortho-bionomy, or on-site corporate massage.
Where they are: 25 Alma Road, Milford
How to contact them:  410 0588 (clinic – leave a message if the masseuses are busy).
Want to know more:  visit their website.

If you want to book with Mandy directly (I highly recommend you do) then I can give you her cellphone number, but I don’t feel comfortable posting it here.  Drop me an email or phone home and I’ll let you know it.

All up, I couldn’t give a higher recommendation.  If you do decide to book, please let Mandy know that you were referred on.  There’s nothing in it for me if you do, but it would be good for her to know that referrals work and word of mouth is generating her business.

If you made it all the way to the bottom – well done !  Thanks for reading and I hope you consider giving yourself a massage as a reward.  😉

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