The Waily Wall Walkers

I am fed up with being a sedentary Oh Waily.  I am embarking on being an active Oh Waily again.  Those on Facebook may recall my comments around the time of the Winter Olympics regarding this issue.

To that end I have decided to get off my soon-to-be-shrinking behind and get out walking.
Making this more interesting and possibly more engaging I have signed up at Wonder Walkers and have set up a walking challenge in the Walk Diary area of the site.  I am going to attempt to walk the Great Wall of China.

No, please don’t fall off your seats.  I don’t plan to actually go to China and walk the wall.  I do plan to walk the distance the Wall covers.

Now you can fall off your seats.  The distance is 6,400 kilometres.  I think this may take a while.
But I think I may need to embarrass myself in public in order to stick to the task, so at some point I will put a link to the RSS feed for my Walk Diary entries in the sidebar here.  I have yet to work out all the finer details, but you can take it as read that I am calling upon you all to bear witness to my bold and slightly lunatic assertion that I will in fact walk this distance – at some point reaching the end.

Now, setting your chairs upright once more, here’s the cheeky bit.  I’m going to challenge you all to join me.  I know that I have a snowball’s chance in a very fiery place of convincing even one of you to sign up and publicly show your entries, but I figure if you don’t ask you don’t get.   🙂

I also know that one or two of you are runners.  Perhaps I can challenge you to run the distance?  I don’t think the Wonder Walkers will be offended if you use the diary to show off your speedy distance covering skills.

Fine.  Now that I have this off my chest, let’s just see who turns up to take the bait challenge.  And, whether they do so publicly here at the blog.  Somehow I think I might be in for a long and lonely walk.

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