Field Trip Tuesday – Sandspit

The Oh Waily family took advantage of Mr Oh’s need to do some work up at Sandspit yesterday to have a field trip.

We ended up being on a very long day trip which wasn’t quite the plan, but we made the best of it.
On arrival the Royal Mail ferry was waiting at the wharf to take its load of passengers on their merry way.  This meant that Miss Oh could have a good look at the boat up close and go down on to the wharf area with her Dad.  We haven’t managed to organise a boat trip across the harbour for the Oh Waily family yet.  I have been very remiss over that, but perhaps at the end of this winter after the little Master turns one we may be able to indulge a full scale boat trip to Rangitoto for a bit of a nature walk and alternative city view.

Following the close-up view of the boat Mr Oh had to go off and do his work.  The small Oh Waily’s and I then had a short indoor picnic.  This is what I call the eating of snacks in the car.  They can get out of their car seats (in the young Master’s case it is change into his sister’s seat) and we can sit and have a chat about what we see outside the car while munching on crackers and bananas and assorted other items.  This is great on grey, windy days like yesterday.  You still get to see things and eat but without that sand-in-your-food effect that being outdoors near a beach gives you.

We spotted the obligatory Tarapunga or red-billed gull, Torea or the pied oystercatcher, mallard ducks and possibly the Ngutuparore or wrybill.  The latter was a bit far away, and since I am not a bona fide ornithologist I am doing my best from online sources to do the identification.

After this little bit of bird watching we took a walk to the local park where the young madam had fun on the swing, the climbing chains and the slide before walking back over the mangroves to the road along the spit.   We then took in the delights of the Sandspit Cafe.  The last time we came here I had the most wonderful carrot cake and speaking to the nice lady behind the counter, it seems that it flies out the door each day that it is made.  This time I had to settle for a lovely gluten free Lemon Mediterranean cake.  Miss Oh Waily had her very first fluffy and pronounced it to be yummy.

By this time the hardworking head of the expedition was needing to take a quick trip back into Warkworth, so we went with him and saw what a bustling town it has become over the past few years.   Lots of folk on the streets and loads of interesting shops.
Once our short visit to town was over we headed back to Sandspit to let Mr Oh Waily finish his work, while we took a trip over to Brick Bay and then on to Snells Beach.

Snells Beach is turning into a regular metropolis also.  Who would have thought it big enough for the Big Red Shed to have opened up a store here.  Apparently I have been living under a rock for some years and missed all the growth out in this part of the countryside.  After a short stop at the beach, we headed back and collected Mr Oh from his work and the field trippers headed home for the day.

After enjoying the sights of sea and shore, I have decided that I need to get the Oh Waily family some good quality guides to the local flora and fauna.  I know I can count on some recommendations from the readers.  So, if you have knowledge of this sort of thing what I am initially interested in identifying is a good bird guide, and then a little bit later follow that up with a guide to our native flora.
For our purposes nice big, clear images of the birds/plants that I can copy to make language cards would be good – saves me searching the internet for the same – along with a basic array of information.  No overkill on detail required, that can wait for a few more years thanks.  And obviously, something portable or I would just check out the websites used for my links above.

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