Waily Wall Walking Update – Week 1 & 2

So now that I am at the beginning of Week 3 in the Waily Wall Walking Challenge I thought I would do a short recap of Week 1 and 2.

Week 1 was very successful, three walks for a total of 8.8km.
Week 2 was not.  No actual walks for walks sake.  We did do our Field Trip Tuesday on Wednesday when we visited Nana & Poppa Oh Waily in Te Aroha.  We did take a walk around town to the playgrounds for Miss Oh to have a slide and a swing.  That walk was probably about 2.5km all up, but since it wasn’t mostly completed in one large non-stop circuit I chose not to record it on the Wonder Walkers Walk Diary.

Then on Thursday we had visitors for the day, and on Friday we had to take another drive for most of the day but this time for work.  If I had managed to get out on Monday, then things may have been a bit better, but Life Happens.

Week 3 has started well, with a 3.7km walk along Tamaki Drive from the Viaduct Harbour to the Outboard Boating Club.  A good start to the week with the Monday walk actually under my belt.  The only downside of walking along the waterfront is the full force wind.  The upside is that I get to do the cardio of walking and the resistance of pushing 20+kg of children & buggy.

And the final piece of good news…

When Mr Oh saw that I had decided to walk the length of the Great Wall of China, he promptly told me that once I got near the end he would take me there to finish it off on the real thing.  What a very nice idea.
I am slightly suspicious of the fact that in order to actually ever get to that point I will have to walk a ridiculously high number of kilometres each walk, and probably every day of the week as well.  After all, you do the maths – if I wanted to walk this in a year doing only 3 walks per week I would have to be completing a smidgen over 123 km per week.  That’s about a marathon per walk.  Not going to happen !
If I wanted to do that over two years, that’s only a half-marathon per walk.  As the Tui Ads say, “Yeah right !”

So to get that back into some semblance of sensible walking, lets take 5 years to get through this and that makes for just a bit over 8k per walk if I stick to the 3-day-a-week routine.  I can see that this is not going to do it either.  I don’t want to be hobbling up the Great Wall on a zimmer frame.
If I manage to walk 4 days a week, every single week for the next five years, I will only have to crank out a smidgen over 6k per walk.  I feel that is a much more likely target to aim for.  Okay, so that’s probably another Tui billboard in the making, but at least it has the ring of feasibility vaguely about it.  Doesn’t it?

Okay, stop laughing.  I get the picture.  Mr Oh has clearly got a considerable amount of time on his side – and probably the Oh Waily children will be all grown up and left home by the time I get to the end of this.
Still, how many people can say that they have definitely walked the length of the Great Wall of China*?

* Yes, I know.  Since childhood we probably have all walked or run just about that distance or better.  But I’m recording it specially, so I know for a fact that I did do it.  After all I was not born with an inbuilt pedometer telling me how many steps a day I’ve managed so far.  No doubt someone, somewhere, in an obscure University living off a huge research grant has worked out the average steps a human takes in a lifetime and turned that into some sort of graph, but I DON’T CARE.


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