Handy Home Hints – II

In keeping with my earlier Handy Home Hint post, I want to reiterate that in no way do I nor my house qualify for a feature in House & Garden.
However, I have discovered yet another very simple sanity saver that I want to share with you.

Do you have power cord mayhem in your home?  A mobile phone charger for each member of the house? Charging cords for your digital camera or digital video camera?  Other cordage that within a day of tidying up and stowing safely in a drawer or a cupboard becomes a rats nest when you want to use it?

Well, I have the solution for you.

Plastic ziplock bags.  Sandwich size for those mobile phone & camera charging cords and larger ones for those monster transformer & cable jobs that some supposedly high-tech manufacturers still insist on using for their products.

If you want to go nuts you could also get stuck about the bags with Dymo labels or detailed labels describing what each bag contains.

A few dollars later and no more hair-tearing, obscenity-creating tangles to deal with.  Oh, the joy of a simple idea applied to an appalling problem.

This, in the original incarnation that I read about it, was designed to keep all the instruction manuals, cords and sundry junk associated with electrical appliances together – all labelled nicely – in order to make clearing out unneeded items quickly and easily.  Personally I have had experience with that lone cable sitting in a pile, with no clue as to which machine it belongs to, if any.  So having been there, done that, I immediately appreciated this solution to not only the tangled cord debacle, but also to ensuring once I ditched technology, I could ditch all it’s accoutrement too.

Happy de-tangling !

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