Zoology Resources for Kids

If your little person or people are anything like mine, then you will have been asked repeatedly to find pictures or video or sounds of a huge range of wild animals.

YouTube is a great help with this, but when you want to marry up pictures, video and sounds with real, accurate information about the animal in question you can’t go past these two sites.

National Geographic for Kids and Arkive.

The latter of these two aims to promote the conservation of threatened species by using wildlife imagery.  I guess their premise is – if you see it exists then you might be inclined to help it survive for your kids and grandkids to see.

Apparently 2010 is the Year of Biodiversity so maybe it’s a good time to show the kids just what wonders exist on our small blue planet before they all disappear under the weight of our collective hunger, both for food and raw materials.

From a Montessori perspective, these websites are a good source of statistics and background information that would help in the construction of homemade teaching materials.   When Miss Oh is a little bit older I will eventually introduce information about her favourite animals, such as where they live, what they eat, and what sort of animal they are (mammal, reptile, etc., etc.) so that she can add yet another form of classification to her expanding repertoire.*

For now it’s a great resource for seeing animals in action that we don’t have access to at the local zoo and for reinforcing images of those that we do see regularly.

Happy viewing.

*  some forms of classifications so far: colour, size, family groups, texture (soft/hard)

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